What Lies Beneath?

In the worlds of He-Man and She-Ra, some things are supposed to remain unseen.

In the worlds of He-Man and She-Ra, some things are supposed to remain unseen. Occasionally a script or director would determine that a scene should reveal these hidden to the eyes of the viewer. Man-At-Arms, Evil-Lyn, Madame Razz, She-Ra are just some of the characters that have something in common; part of their head is covered. This section aims to reveal all!

PP62 - "Magicats"

Whilst relaxing in her new kingdom and examining the powers of her mask, Catra decides it's time to show the viewers her mass of blue hair. Plus this is a good opportunity to check out her well-developed cheekbones!
(See also PP1 - "Into Etheria")

MU59 - "The Witch and The Warrior"

Possibly one of the finest hair-revealing moments in the entire He-Man and She-Ra series is this one. Evil-Lyn, complaining about the heat in the desert, just takes off her helmet, and Teela doesn't even flinch. What does surprise us all is that she has white hair, and very short hair at that.

Evil-Lyn without her helmet, from The Witch and the Warrior

Madame Razz
PP77 - "The Caregiver"

Madame Razz's anger causes her hat to get stuck, and as Broom helps remove it we see her face. Similar to the Orko scene in "Betrayal of Stratos," the director decides to include one frame where we can see Madame Razz's full head of hair, and the upper part of her face.

MU60 - "The Return of Granamyr"

Man-At-Arms is awoken by a giant demon of the night, which actually gives us the opportunity to look at his hairstyle. We can see that he follows the common tradition among Eternia warriors; having his ears completely covered by his hair.
(See also MU46 - "Eternal Darkness", below)

Man-at-Arms without his helmet, from The Return of Granamyr

Marlena, Queen
MU6 - "Teela's Quest"

Queen Marlena cannot wear her tiara all of the time, especially when she's looking into her past via Man-At-Arms' memory projector.
(See also MU46 - "Eternal Darkness" and MU85 - "The Rainbow Warrior")

Queen Marlena without her crown, from Teela's Quest

MU78 - "Betrayal of Stratos"

Whilst being pursued by a giant snake in, Orko climbs up a tree, and falls off, revealing his face. Although his head is black and his ears are blue, this is probably not the way Orko actually looks. The animator definitely went for the look of the toy here, because when removing Orko's hat this is what we see, a black head with two blue ears. This animation trick would later be used in "The Caregiver," revealing Madame Razz's face for one frame.
(See also MU20 - "Dawn of Dragoon")

Randor, King
MU2 - "The Shaping Staff"

In his own dungeon, and prisoner of Evil-Lyn and Beast Man, King Randor appears to have lost his crown. In the next few seconds he is transformed into a goat, so it's probably a good thing he wasn't wearing it in this scene. We can see where Prince Adam got the idea for his long hairstyle; it appears that his father started the trend.
(See also MU46 - "Eternal Darkness")

King Randor in the dungeon without his crown

PP67 - "Return Of The General"

To fool some Horde Troopers She-Ra removes her tiara. What is surprising to the viewer is that her hair is exactly the same as Adora's, proving that like He-Man, even their hairstyle doesn't change during the transformation. Without the headpiece, she looks exactly like Adora in a different costume. At least with He-Man, his skin and hair color change to fool people. The only difference between Adora and She-Ra is that She-Ra has longer hair, but somehow I doubt that would fool many people.

Teela, Man-at-Arms and Queen Marlena
MU46 - "Eternal Darkness"

In bed and waking up from Darkdream-induced nightmares, Teela, Man-at-Arms and Queen Marlena can be seen bareheaded (Randor prefers a sleeping cap).

Teela, Man-at-Arms and Queen Marlena in bed without their tiaras & helmet in Eternal Darkness

MU59 - "The Witch and The Warrior"

After successfully fooling Kothos' Orc warriors into thinking she has perished, Teela makes sure that the next important part of her mission is accomplished; reclaim her tiara.
(See also MU46 - "Eternal Darkness")

Teela replacing her tiara in The Witch & the Warrior

Teela and Evil-Lyn
MU59 - "The Witch and The Warrior"

Teela and Evil-Lyn remove their respective headwear to fool Kothos' Orcs into thinking that a Sand Devil has killed them. Fortunately, a minute later both of them regain their headwear and therefore cause no disruption in terms of continuity throughout the series.

Teela & Evil-Lyn hiding behind a rock without their headgear and smiling

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