"Where's your neck?"

by James Eatock

Ram Man butted many things in the He-Man series, and here they all are.

Ram Man was one of the more interesting characters of the original Masters of the Universe toy line. Everyone who has long forgotten about the series can still recall the Ram Man action figure, and his role in the He-Man cartoon. The cartoon played Ram Man as a slow-witted character, but some writers actually gave him a great amount of respect. The reasoning for his slow persona was in relation to his comical ability, which was knocking down objects with his head. Here we list all of objects that dared to stand in Ram Man's way!

MU4 - "Diamond Ray of Disappearance"
Skeletor's Hover Robots
Teela, Orko, Ram Man and Stratos turn up to aid He-Man and Battle Cat in their defense of Castle Grayskull. Skeletor's Hover Robots begin to approach He-Man who is already battling with Tri-Klops, thus Ram Man provides a "breather." Ram Man strikes one of the Hover Robots, which in turn strikes the next one, and so on.

MU7 - "The Curse of the Spellstone"
Skeletor's Hover Robots (again)
As He-Man and his friends arrive at the Temple of Fire, Skeletor quickly attacks him with his Hover Robots. Ram Man performs the same stunt he did in "Diamond Ray of Disappearance." He strikes one, which hits the next one.

MU9 - "The Dragon Invasion"
Wall (accidentally)

As a dragon attacks the palace, the characters in attendance rush outside to stop it from destroying their home. Ram Man and Man-At-Arms enter the scene at the same time, with Ram Man immediately leaping into action. The dragon spots Ram Man leaping towards its foot, and thus raises it. Ram Man in turn misses his target and strikes a wall, as He-Man prepares himself for a battle with the dragon.


Even the one shot toy-based character Jitsu is not safe from Ram Man's attack. Jitsu showcases his giant chopping hand, which forces Ram Man to the ground. Ram Man quickly gets up and strikes Jitsu head on, and the winner of the small skirmish is decided!

MU14 - "Colossor Awakes"
Stone Statue

In the palace grounds Skeletor brings a few stone statues to life. Ram Man, Stratos and Orko must battle the creatures. Ram Man avoids his opponent for a while, and then leaps at the statue warrior and smashes it!


As Colossor makes his way towards Castle Grayskull, the heroes come out in full force. Trying to knock Colossor off balance, Ram Man leaps at the giant stone creature, but does not really make a big difference.

MU19 - "Quest for He-man"
Tri-Klops and a War-Sled

As He-Man battles Skeletor's warriors on their War-Sleds, Ram Man secretly prepares to launch himself into the air. As Tri-Klops brags how nothing can sneak up on him, Ram Man shoots out of the blue and completely destroys Tri-Klops' War-Sled. Ram Man also shows how he makes his landing safe, as a parachute is deployed.

Plundor's Robots
Plundor has He-Man and Gleedal prisoner, so like a godsend, Orko, Ram Man and Cringer arrive to save their friends. When Plundor's giant robots attack, Cringer runs in fear, whilst Ram Man launches himself at them, and destroys them with ease. The sound of an aircraft descending is the perfect sound effect in this scene.

MU21 - "The Royal Cousin"
Pool in palace gardens

Ram Man is given the pleasant task of looking after Prince Adam's cousin Jeremy. Jeremy is a spoilt brat who always gets his own way, and Ram Man agrees to do anything the boy asks. Ram Man therefore is seen hurtling through the air and striking the pool in the palace gardens, to which Jeremy yells, "Bulls-eye!"


MU24 - "Wizard of Stone Mountain"
Palace wall

Ram Man jokingly shows Adam what it means to be tough by ramming one of the buildings in the palace grounds. Unseen to all in attendance, Locos, who was perched on the building ledge high above the heroes, falls off and into a small bush.

MU30 - "The Taking of Grayskull"

When things go crazy in a nearby village, the heroes travel to help out as best they can. After He-Man stops a tornado, boulders begin rolling down the hills towards the town. Ram Man stands firm and strikes one of the boulders, smashing it completely.

MU40 - "House of Shokoti" Part 1
Trap Jaw's spider robot

The Wind Raider crashes and the heroes are knocked out of it! And as Trap Jaw's spider robots attack, Ram Man leaps to his friends' defense and strikes the fist spider robot. This in turn strikes the following spider robot, and the next.

Trap Jaw's spider robot (again)
As the heroes enter Trap Jaw's lair, the villain immediately prepares himself to fire at them with his Lasertron. Ram Man once again is the first to react and knocks a nearby spider robot towards Trap Jaw, which promptly collides with its creator.

Sand Dune (accidentally)
When a Sand Crawler attacks the archeological dig team, they flee the scene. Ram Man attempts to slow the creature down, but completely misses his target and hits a nearby sand dune. Orko attempts to pull his friend free, but Ram Man's coiled legs prove quite a challenge.


Reptile Man
Awoken in the middle of the night, Masque's allies the Reptile Men attack the good guys. As soon as He-Man and Battle Cat arrive on the scene, they free their friends, and Ram Man starts by knocking one of the Reptile Men far into the distance.

MU41 - "House of Shokoti" Part 2
Shokoti's temple

As Melaktha, Adam, Cringer and Stanlan analyze Shokoti's temple, deliberating what must be inside, Ram Man stands patiently. A few seconds later Ram Man surprisingly states, "No sense wasting time," and leaps towards the stone wall. He manages to strike the wall, causing the outer shell to crumble away and revealing the real entrance to Shokoti's lair.


Shokoti's temple (again)
Later that same night Stanlan persuades Ram Man to strike the temple again. Ram Man reluctantly agrees and hits the temple full force. Unfortunately this causes him to go into unconsciousness, but not before uttering the classic line, "Hey good door, solid!" It should be noted that this is the only time Ram Man actually knocks himself out!


Ceiling of Shokoti's temple (accidentally)
As He-Man, Ram Man and Battle Cat enter Shokoti's throne room, they are confronted by demons. Ram Man leaps to save his friends, but passes through the demons, which are actually illusions. Ram Man thus climbs higher and higher into the temple structure, and strikes the ceiling with incredible force. He falls back to the ground where he is immediately imprisoned by Shokoti's magic.


Stone object
As the sleeping beast is awakened Stanlan manages to free the heroes. One of Ram Man's first acts is to stop the monster by striking a stone object. Unfortunately it falls into the creature's mouth, which in turn just begins to eat the object.

MU54 - "Game Plan"
Ventilation shaft

Trying to locate Negator's lair, Ram Man and Battle Cat come across a ventilation shaft in the middle of the desert. Battle Cat asks if Ram Man can open it, to which Ram Man comically replies, "Of course I can!" Battle Cat watches as his ally rams down through the shaft, and quips, "Effective. But dumb."

Computer Ball
Trapped in Negator's computer game (it was the 80's remember) He-Man and Ram Man are faced with all sorts of obstacles. One of them being a giant ball. Ram Man strikes the ball, causing his feet to dangle out. He-Man grabs Ram Man by the feet, still with the ball attached to his head, and uses him as a weapon to destroy another oncoming ball.

MU56 - "Quest for the Sword"
Cavern Wall (3 times)

Ram Man has trouble breaking into a cavern in this episode. Comically rebuking Orko, he tries a second time, and finally on the third attempt he succeeds in breaking into the cavern. Only to have Orko appear from within the cavern, telling Ram Man that he found another entrance off to the side. It should be noted that the animation used in this scene is awful, as with most of the actual episode. The shot and camera angle, which shows Ram Man striking the wall, does not look right, and the impact is terribly slow.


MU61 - "Pawns of the Game Master"
Wall (accidentally)

In a flashback to "The Dragon Invasion" we once again see Ram Man miss the dragon that is attacking the palace, and strike a wall instead. Notice that in this flashback sequence the scene takes place during the day, whereas before it was a nighttime battle.


MU80 - The Shadow of Skeletor
Stage Wall (accidentally)

Ram Man walks in on a stage rehearsal featuring Man-E-Faces and Teela. Mistaken Man-E-Faces for a real monster Ram Man leaps to Teela's defense, as Adam and Teela plead with him not to. Ram Man misses Man-E-Faces and ends up destroying a few parts of the stage, most noticeably one of the walls.


Boulder with Whiplash and Evil-Lyn atop
Evil-Lyn and Whiplash believe they have finished He-Man when a boulder lands on him. He-Man soon lifts up a boulder, which has apparently ended his life. Unfortunately for Whiplash and Evil-Lyn, He-Man has a plan, although a little far-fetched. He tells Ram Man to knock the rock all the way back to Eternia. This seems like an incredible feat, considering they are on one of Eternia's moons!

MU81 - The Arena
Three Goblin Warriors

Although Ram Man's appearance is only minor, the battle in which his one scene with the goblins takes place is not. The animation on this scene works really well as Ram Man literally glides through the small crowd of warriors, knocking them over.

MU82 - Attack from Below
Belat Vehicle

The Belat vehicles are out in full force, stealing crops from farms and putting the lives of the heroes in danger. Ram Man's power is greatly shown here as he knocks over a huge Belat vehicle with great ease. The animation for this one shot works wonderfully, and you can really sense the impact of Ram Man's blow.

Belat Vehicle with force field
Ram Man shows juts how important he is in the heroic line of warriors when He-Man asks for his aid. Presented with a Belat machine with a very powerful force field, He-Man and Ram Man must strike at exactly the same time. This scene showcases their powers at their best, and the idealism of teamwork. Watch the animation of He-Man, because while Ram Man predictably rams into it, He-Man leaps up and kicks it with both of his feet.


MU96 - Battlecat
The Gedge

When the Gedge monster is released, all the heroes immediately run for cover. As Teela trips whilst fleeing and Ram Man leaps to her rescue. He only manages to slow the Gedge down for a second, but it enables his allies to escape, and Adam transform himself into He-Man.

MU124 - "The Toy Maker"
Toy Maker's Soldier

He-Man plans to trap the Toy Maker's evil toys, which are now under Skeletor's control. Ram Man is part of the plan, in that he must strike the soldier toy forcing him to fall into a noose. However, an animation mistake can be seen when Ram Man strikes the soldier. Because the soldier's legs are not in shot, and Ram Man lands in shot, it makes Ram Man look like a giant.

Listed below are the episodes that Ram Man was featured in, but did not strike anything.

MU16 - "Reign of the Monster"
MU25 - "Evilseed"
MU43 - "The Mystery of Man-E-Faces"
MU101 - Not so Blind

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