Why Stinkor never made it

by James Eatock

One character that was noticeable in the toys never made it into the cartoon.

In the batch of episodes dated 1985 from season two of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe we were introduced to the next line of figures; Sy-Klone and Moss Man for the good guys, with Spikor and Two Bad for the bad guys. Keen followers of the toy line will note that one character did not make the transition in that particular group. Stinkor!

It is understandable why such a character cannot make the transition from toy to screen. His power of smell is hard to work into a storyline. Having said that, the mini comic that came with Stinkor tackled the situation rather well, and gave the character some credibility.

As Robert Lamb now explains Filmation were not all that happy with the character. "I remember Stinkor. I was part of the writing staff when Arthur Nadel and crew took a field trip to Hawthorne, California to Mattel headquarters. The She-Ra toy line was introduced to us by women designers who displayed how capes could be used as skirts on the dolls. It was kind of a "Barbie Goes Barbarian" thing. Then it was the guys' turn and we got our first look at the Horde. The male designers introduced each character with great excitement, relishing every nasty attribute they could name. The only hitch came when Stinkor was introduced. Arthur immediately vetoed a character that was basically a walking fart joke. Only two skunk characters have worked in cartoons to my knowledge; Pepe Le Pew and Flower from Bambi.

Larry and I thought of a dozen hilarious situations for Stinkor, Hordak, and She-Ra. Things like;

Stinkor enters the room and Hordak turns his arm into a giant match;

Stinkor gives away the Horde's position in an ambush because of his scent;

Stinkor sprays a cloud of gas at the rebels and She-Ra turns her sword into a giant fan and blows the stink back causing the Horde to pass out; that sort of stuff.

There was a character named Perfuma in She-Ra. She and Stinkor would have made a fragrant combination. We even thought of a thirty second moral ending about air pollution, and one about the effects of different foods, like beans, on digestion."

Having read Robert's comments, maybe it is a good thing that Stinkor never made it into the He-Man and She-Ra series.


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