Larry DiTillio Interview

Interview by Jacob Quisenberry - 1997

What are your views on the Sorceress?

The Sorceress was a way cool lady. I loved her, but it was not always easy to weave her into a script unless it involved action at Castle Grayskull. And also, the Sorceress is arguably one of the most powerful characters in the He-Man universe. She was in fact so powerful that it was better to keep her out of any story which did not involve dealings on a cosmic level. She could simply end an ordinary fight way too quickly.

Do you have any special memories working on her character?

My memory is hazy but I am pretty certain we did some kind of origin of the Sorceress episode which detailed how she came to be at Castle Grayskull and what her whole angst was about. For my two cents, I loved magic-using characters, they free you to do just about anything you want. On a much lesser level, the Sorceress was just plain foxy. Yes I liked her, but no special memories come to mind.

Until later.

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