Bob Forward Interview

Interview by James Eatock - September 1997

Do you remember writing the She-Ra episodes "Sweet Bee's Home" and "Assault On The Hive?"

Man, that was more like seventeen years ago. I remember vaguely writing episodes by those titles but I wrote a lot of episodes since. I will have to check your page to refresh my memory on them before I can possibly answer any questions. If then. I'll try to get back to you on this. No matter what the date says, I know it was longer ago than that. I don't think my son was even born then, and he's fifteen now. I can barely remember the episodes, though the pictures help with "Sweet Bee's Home."

The main comedy in this episode appears to be Frosta's crush on He-Man, was it fun to write the dialogue?

Oh sure. Especially because I knew Tom would carry through the expressions onscreen. You weren't always guaranteed of that in Filmation cartoons. Fact is, Tom and I both thought Frosta was the hottest-looking female in the series and we wanted to do a show like this to satisfy our post-adolescent lust. This is the truth, and the sole reason for the show. Which answers some of the questions below.

Tom Tataranowicz did an awesome job of directing. Were you pleased?

Oh sure. But he has a pencil test of Bow and some female character whose name I've forgotten that would have gotten the show thrown off the air. Filmation had this one excellent female animator who for some reason just threw lust into everything. I believe she did the Frosta scenes too. Tom used her for everything where he wanted passion, including the Bravestarr movie kiss scene.

In "Assault On The Hive" you brought back Skeletor, why was this, is he a favorite?

Man, I barely remember. I'd have to see the show.

Also in this episode we see Sweet Bee, but He-Man shows no love interest, was it just that you'd used that whole plot in "Sweet Bee's Home?"

Probably just lousy continuity. :)

What about Bravestarr? That was good!

Bravestarr is rather a painful memory. I thought the movie was good, and many of the series scripts were. But Filmation decided to hold off on releasing the movie until the series was out to generate "word of mouth." And then they basically crapped out the series. Their directors were old and uninterested in quality, and the animators were bogged down by the Filmation stock system. The series bombed, the movie went almost direct to video, and I quit the company in disgust.

That panning shot of the crowd in the movie, who were the obvious people in the crowd?

Those were Tom Tataranowicz's fishing buddies from his hometown in Michigan. I always felt it was a rather blatant shot, but what the hell.

Thanks for your time.

Best I could do. I'll be talking to Tom next week -- I'll pass your comments along.

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