Die! Die!

The panel-display joke from She-Ra's "Beast Island" episode.

Filmation were a company where the animators, directors and writers were allowed to include many jokes in the production. But we have to wonder whether some were actually seen by the higher powers at Filmation.

Filmation making comedy about death? It appears that the director of She-Ra's "Beast Island" Lou Kachivas decided to include a very small, but slightly noticeable joke at the expense of the poor rebels, who had just been shot out of the sky. The scene is so brief that it's easy to miss, and Hordak's smooth laughing animation takes your eyes away from the flashing display of "Die! Die!"

Place mouse over image to see the illuminated display!

We have to wonder that if Filmation's censors had caught this, would they have edited the scene out? Or did they see it and decide that it was hardly worth bothering about?


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