Imp, become a-

by James Eatock

Hordak's sidekick Imp was pretty talented. Here we list every single one of his transformations during the She-Ra series.

Imp appeared 28 times in the She-Ra series and "A Christmas Special," and while he was at first portrayed as rather annoying, watching the series we learn that he is Hordak's closest ally. Imp, like Hordak, possessed the ability to transform his body into any form he wanted. Out of all the writers, Don Heckman appeared to use the Imp character to his full potential; the great dialogue and transformations between Imp and Hordak in "Friends Are Where You Find Them," his bizarre transformations in "Glimmer's Story" and "Romeo and Glimmer," which features one of the most beautifully animated and funniest scenes in the entire series, as Imp turns into scissors to battle Entrapta. Even though many other writers used Imp as a shape-changer Don Heckman gave Imp 10 transformations in total; with second place falling to Michael Utvich, who used Imp's transformation ability 5 times. Here we list all 24 of Imp's transformations!

PP12 - The Laughing Dragon
Imp as a Ball

PP17 - A Loss for Words
Imp as a Painting

Imp as a Bubble Box

PP23 - The Crown of Knowledge
Imp as a Bush

Imp as a Water Pump

PP24 - The Mines of Mondor
Imp as a Woodland Creature

PP32 - Friends Are Where You Find Them
Imp as an Apple

Imp as a Candle

Imp as a Rocket

Imp as an Insect

PP41 - Glimmer's Story
Imp as a Stone

Imp as a Ray Gun

Imp as a Medal

PP43 - Welcome Back, Kowl
Imp as a Step

PP51 - My Friend, My Enemy
Imp as a Ball

PP54 - The Light of the Crystal
Imp as a Goblet

Imp as a small Tree

PP55 - Loo-Kee Lends a Hand
Imp as a Loud Horn

PP57 - Jungle Fever
Imp as a Rocket

Imp as a Flamethrower

PP79 - Romeo And Glimmer
Imp as Scissors

PP82 - The Locket
Imp as a Rock

Imp as a Flea

PP93 - Swifty's Baby
Imp as a Bird

Even though Imp appeared in 14 other episodes, he did not actually transform, and remained in his normal form. Those episodes were:

PP3 - She-Ra Unchained
PP8 - The Red Knight
PP40 - Treasure of the First Ones
PP44 - The Rock People
PP45 - Huntara
PP46 - Micah of Bright Moon
PP56 - Of Shadows and Skulls
PP58 - Black Snow
PP61 - Darksmoke and Fire
PP73 - The Time Transformer
PP76 - Brigis
PP83 - Shera Makes A Promise
PP78 - When Whispering Woods Last Bloomed
PP86 - Glimmer Come Home


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