Light Hope - Outside!

by James Eatock

The guardian of the Crystal Castle very occasionally ventured outside his home.

Even though Light Hope was a big part of the She-Ra concept, he only appeared in 14 episodes! It is one of the series' major shortcomings that the writers never harnessed Light Hope and the Crystal Castle for better stories. Now Light Hope was never one for socializing, but in 3 of his appearances he did appear outside the Crystal Castle to speak to Adora or She-Ra.

Below we have listed the 4 occasions where Light Hope appeared outside the Crystal Castle. We have not counted the occasions where Light Hope appears within the jewel on Adora's Sword of Protection.

PP21 - The Stone in the Sword
When the Sword of Protection's jewel is broken in "The Stone in the Sword," she is unable to transform into She-Ra. To prove her worth she has to brave Etheria's underworld and its many obstacles, stepping through the Jaws of Darkness. Light Hope appears outside the Crystal Castle twice, and encourages Adora to enter the Cavern of Fire, and she does so.

PP40 - Treasure of the First Ones
In his outside appearance in "Treasure of the First Ones," he merely tells Adora that She-Ra must journey to the Crystal Castle at once. It must be noted that out of all 4 appearances outside of the castle, this is the most visually interesting one. The special effects artists have created a beautiful star-shaped rainbow effect.

PP78 - When Whispering Woods Last Bloomed
In "When Whispering Woods Last Bloomed" She-Ra contacts Light Hope to try and learn the identity of Netossa, thus stopping Spinnerella from destroying their home. Light Hope informs She-Ra that Netossa is a prisoner at the Fright Zone.

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