"Mazzle, Fazzle-"

by James Eatock

The one spell that Madame used that always went right.

Madame Razz had many spells, many of them did not work as we well know, but some did. One of the first spells we see her cast is in the episode "Beast Island," when she has to locate He-Man's position on Etheria. It works, and so the other writers obviously caught this, because Madame Razz used this spell twice more in the series. In each instance it appears that she needs the aid of the Twiggets to perform the spell.

PP2 - Beast Island
With the disappearance of the rebels' newest ally, He-Man, Madame Razz with the aid of Spragg and Sprocker, attempts to locate him. The spell works and He-Man is discovered captive on Beast Island.

PP52 - The Wizard
After hurting Broom's feelings, Madame Razz must now locate her close friend, and also find Kowl, who too has performed a disappearing act. They manage to locate Broom and Kowl, held prisoners by Colonel Blast.

PP88 - Portrait of Doom
After many rebels have disappeared Madame Razz decides that once again it's time to use this spell. However Spragg and Sprocker are not in attendance, replaced by Spritina, Spunky and Sprint. The animation this time around is completely new.

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