Busta Toon's She-Ra Fakes

It started with a Faker version of She-Ra...

This all started when someone on the He-Man.org Bulletin Boards asked what the equivalent to He-Man's Faker would look like on She-Ra. So I came up with "She-Fake-Ra," with the color scheme heavily influenced by He-Man's Faker. After the initial Faker version of She-Ra, people began suggesting more and more color schemes. I decided to create only a few more, and the end result was pleasing to everyone!

Making the heroine a brunette influenced the second color scheme; the silver clothing seemed to appear very naturally. Mixing She-Ra with She-Hulk, and borrowing the Incredible Hulk's purple-clothing color scheme influenced the third. The fourth She-Ra was one of my favorites. She-Ra crossed with Pam Grier's Foxy Brown!

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