The Secret of The Sword - The Director's Cut - 1

All the footage you missed in the cinema!

A Movie?

For those that do not know, the motion picture "The Secret of The Sword" was not really supposed to be a feature length film. Trying to drum up huge publicity for the new She-Ra Princess of Power series, Filmation took the first five episodes which were due to air in September, stuck them together and managed to sell it as a feature film released a few months before the actual series!

While the intentions of Filmation were good, it is a shame they did not commission Larry DiTillio and Filmation's top talent to create a new story fit for the cinema screen. As Larry DiTillio, writer of four of the five parts stated, "The five-part story worked. The movie doesn't because it isn't really a movie! A film has to be written with a whole different pace than a multi-part TV show and in fact some important story points were left out when it became a film."

It is understandable why Larry DiTillio feels like this about the cinema release. Having your name attached to a story that you did not think was going to be released as a feature film slightly undermines your screen credentials.


Because the feature length film was not episodic, two scenes in "She-Ra Unchained" had to be swapped.

In the original five-part story Adora confronts Hordak and Shadow Weaver and is promptly placed under a spell whereby she collapses. This is where the second episode "Beast Island" ended. The story resumes in the third episode with Hordak demonstrating the Magnabeam. So in laments terms; a scene at the Fright Zone follows a scene at the Fright Zone. After these two scenes we see Adam in the Whispering Woods about the leave for the Fright Zone.

Original scene order "Beast Island" and "She-Ra Unchained."

In "The Secret of The Sword" to create a time lapse between those two Fright Zone scenes they bring forward the scene where we see Adam in the Whispering Woods about the leave for the Fright Zone. Thus just after Adora is placed under the spell, instead of the Magnabeam test we cut to the Whispering Woods where Adam leaves, after which we then see the Magnabeam test.

Altered scene order "The Secret of The Sword."


Another odd factor was that they were able to correct a mistake that was made in the final part "Battle For Bright Moon." In the original we see Queen Angella and a massive army of The Great Rebellion ready to attack Bright Moon. The problem with the original shot, was that it was at nighttime, whereas the rest of the battle was in daylight. In "The Secret of The Sword" they correct this, and we see the panning shot take place in daylight.

Original panning shot "Battle For Bright Moon."

Corrected panning shot "The Secret of The Sword."


All of the music was changed in "The Secret of The Sword" to accompany the cut sequences, and on most instances, it was far better. A prime example is in "Battle For Bright Moon" when Adora is captured. In the original five-part episode we get a scene of Marlena crying at the loss of her daughter, while an amusing musical score plays and takes away the sadness of the scene. In "The Secret of The Sword" they completely re-scored the scene with a wonderfully slow piece of music that works well to bring across the drama of the scene.


After the introduction to parts two to five we were treated to flashbacks, which lasted about half a minute and showed what had taken place in the previous episode. They were oddly enough all accompanied by the same musical score, which led into the music for the title card. And of course with episodes one to six we had a teaser to the following episode. Yes, no Loo-Kee!


Also, the first three episodes had a different introduction to that of the regular She-Ra series, which involved She-Ra appearing, but no clues as to where she came from. Adora is not even in this original rare introduction!

Cut Scenes?

We have grabbed a still of every shot that is not featured in "The Secret of The Sword." Some of these sequences are linked shot after shot, and some are just one off shots that appeared with a short bit of sound.

Alternate Footage
The Alternate Footage pictures were used in the "The Secret of The Sword," but in a slightly different manner; generally fade-ins and fade-outs whereas "The Secret of The Sword" used transitional stock clips.

Cut Footage
The Cut Footage pictures are shots and scenes that were not featured in "The Secret of The Sword."

Extended Footage
The Extended Footage pictures are individual shots that were cropped ever-so-slightly for "The Secret of The Sword."

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