The Secret of The Sword - The Director's Cut - 2

PP1 - Into Etheria

Cut Footage 1
Man-At-Arms and the Sorceress look up in shock as Adora is carried away from Eternia by Hordak.

Cut Footage 2
An image of Hordak laughs as the Sorceress attempts to break free of her dream.


Cut Footage 3
Cringer and Adam are puzzled by the Horde Troopers sudden appearance, and Cringer disappears from view.


Cut Footage 4
Cringer hides (shivering) underneath the table.

Cut Footage 5
The Horde Trooper orders the musician to play "good."

Cut Footage 6
The musician agrees, and reluctantly begins to pluck the strings of his harp.

Cut Footage 7
The Horde Troopers walk past two villagers, one of which is the spy who reports to Hordak in Act Two.

Cut Footage 8
The Horde Troopers push two individuals from of their path.

Cut Footage 9
Just before they throw the men from their seats the Horde Troopers surround the table.

Alternate Footage 1
Act One ends with Bow's speech (shot fades to black).

Alternate Footage 2
Act Two introduces the Fright Zone (shot fades from black).

Cut Footage 10
Madame Razz flies through the Whispering Woods at an angle.

Cut Footage 11
Madame Razz and Broom continue to look startled.

Cut Footage 12
Bow and Spragg guess which tree Madame Razz and Broom are going to hit.

Cut Footage 13
Spragg agrees with Bow after Madame Razz and Broom have hit the tree.

Cut Footage 14
The Great Rebellion prepare for battle as they look out over the village.

Cut Footage 15
Bow asks about Adam's "friend," whom he hinted at in the rebel's camp scene.

Cut Footage 16
Glimmer orders the troops into action.

Cut Footage 17
The rebel's charge downhill towards the village.

Cut Footage 18
Adam ducks behind a house as the rebels begin their attack.


Cut Footage 19
More of the villagers are loaded aboard.

Cut Footage 20
Mantenna and Adora watch Catra flee from Battle Cat. Then Adora orders Mantenna to stop He-Man.

Alternate Footage 3
The final shot of the episode has "to be continued..." text over the image of Adora (shot fades to black).

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