The Secret of The Sword - The Director's Cut - 3

PP2 - Beast Island

Alternate Footage 1
Act One starts off in the Great Rebellion camp (shot fades from black).

Cut Footage 1
Glimmer tries to calm down an eager Battle Cat who only wants to save He-Man.

Cut Footage 2
Madame Razz casts a spell to give the rebels a flying ship.


Cut Footage 3
A giant frying pan (slightly resembling a ship) appears.


Cut Footage 4
Broom points out the error in Madame Razz's spell.


Cut Footage 5
Madame Razz makes another attempt to conjure up a flying ship.


Cut Footage 6
The Twiggets watch as a ship appears.


Cut Footage 7
Madame Razz is pleased with the end result, and wipes the sweat from her brow.

Cut Footage 8
Glimmer teleports away from Bow.


Cut Footage 9
Glimmer appears on the ship, much to the surprise of the Twiggets.


Cut Footage 10
He-Man tells Adora about the plight of the Etherian people.

Cut Footage 11
Adora refuses to believe He-Man.

Extended Footage 1
He-Man states why the people of Etheria obey the Horde, to which Adora shouts at He-Man in anger.


Cut Footage 12
Shadow Weaver wants to destroy the ship magically.

Cut Footage 13
Hordak wants all the fun for himself.


Extended Footage 2
Broom, and Kowl are shocked in addition to Madame Razz's prior comment.

Cut Footage 14
Act One ends with the Beast Island monster approaching the heroes (shot fades to black).

Cut Footage 15
Act Two shows the shocked rebels (shot fades from black).

Cut Footage 16
Adora watches as the Horde pay a visit to a farm.

Cut Footage 17
The Horde Trooper tells the occupants that he is taking their horse.

Cut Footage 18
The boy and the father are powerless against the Horde Trooper.

Cut Footage 19
The boy strikes the Horde Trooper in defiance, but is shoved to the ground.


Cut Footage 20
Adora is angry at the treatment of the boy.

Cut Footage 21
The Horde Trooper's fire at the rebels.

Cut Footage 22
The rebels are pinned down by the laser fire.

Cut Footage 23
Madame Razz casts a spell on their attackers.

Cut Footage 24
The Horde Troopers are turned into sheep.


Cut Footage 25
Broom is happy with the end result, whilst Madame Razz looks on confused.

Cut Footage 26
Glimmer's ready to move to save He-Man.

Alternate Footage 2
The final shot of the episode has "to be continued..." text over the image of Adora (shot fades to black).

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