The Secret of The Sword - The Director's Cut - 4

PP3 - She-Ra Unchained

Cut Footage 1
Act One starts off with a panning shot up from the Whispering Woods to the Fright Zone (shot fades from black).

Cut Footage 2
The following shot pans down the front of the Fright Zone.

Extended Footage 1
Adora enquires about the prisoners after their energy has been drained by the Magnabeam.

Cut Footage 3
Hordak tells Adora of their fates.

Cut Footage 4
The prisoner rises, now completely subservient to Hordak.

Cut Footage 5
Bow suggests an all out attack on the Fright Zone.

Cut Footage 6
Adam calms Bow down.

Cut Footage 7
He-Man in disguise, wonders where to go next, and catches sight of Adora.

Cut Footage 8
He-Man quickly rushes to see her.

Alternate Footage 1
Act One ends with Adora's stern look (shot fades to black).

Alternate Footage 2
Act Two opens with Shadow Weaver standing over the swords (shot fades from black).

Cut Footage 9
Adora is confused by the visions in her sleep.

Cut Footage 10
Adora sees a vision of He-Man inside the Magnabeam chamber.

Cut Footage 11
Adora sees another vision of He-Man inside the Magnabeam chamber.

Extended Footage 2
Adora shivers slightly as the visions disappear.

Cut Footage 12
He-Man's power returns to full (in true classic style).

Cut Footage 13
She-Ra glances back at the door hearing Hordak's voice.

Cut Footage 14
She-Ra tells He-Man that it is Hordak on the other side.

Extended Footage 3
Hordak tells his Horde Troopers to stand back, as he prepares to blast the door.

Alternate Footage 3
The final shot of the episode has "to be continued..." text over the image of the heroes flying away (shot fades to black).

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