The Secret of The Sword - The Director's Cut - 5

PP4 - Reunions

Alternate Footage 1
Act One starts off with a shot of the moon above the Whispering Woods (shot fades from black).

Cut Footage 1
Bow continues his explanation of why the heroes cannot rescue Queen Angella.

Extended Footage 1
Glimmer pleads with the others.

Cut Footage 2
She-Ra questions Swift Wind on their flight to Talon Mountain.

Cut Footage 3
Swift Wind is happy in his work, enjoying a good flight.

Cut Footage 4
He-Man and She-Ra see Talon Mountain ahead.

Cut Footage 5
Hungar speaks to her warrior.

Cut Footage 6
Hungar commands her warrior to attack the heroes.

Cut Footage 7
Hungar's warrior immediately takes to the skies.


Cut Footage 8
The hordes of Hungar prepare to battle He-Man and She-Ra.

Cut Footage 9
Swift Wind glides close to Talon Mountain.

Cut Footage 10
Hungar's warriors swoop out of Talon Mountain in two groups.

Cut Footage 11
She-Ra is the first to spot the welcoming committe.

Cut Footage 12
Swift Wind turns in flight as Hungar's warriors chase after the heroes.


Cut Footage 13
He-Man notices their speed.

Cut Footage 14
Hungar's warriors charge towards He-Man and She-Ra.

Cut Footage 15
She-Ra begins to concoct an idea.

Cut Footage 16
Swift Wind acknowledges She-Ra's plan of action.

Cut Footage 17
Swift Wind flies around Talong Mountain.

Cut Footage 18
Hungar's warriors turn to follow the heroes.

Cut Footage 19
Hungar's second group of warriors plunge towards the heroes.

Cut Footage 20
She-Ra's plan is about to come to fruition as she points out.

Cut Footage 21
Swift Wind swoops up as Hungar's warriors collide.


Cut Footage 22
She-Ra and He-Man are extremely pleased about the end result.

Cut Footage 23
A monitor shows Hungar's injured warriors.

Cut Footage 24
Hungar watches the monitor with Queen Angella.

Cut Footage 25
Queen Angella points out that Hungar's warriors stand no chance.


Cut Footage 26
Queen Angella listens to Hungar's threats, bruised but still confident.

Cut Footage 27
The Sorceress explains that she covered for Adam's disappearance whilst he was away.

Cut Footage 28
Adora's not so sure if her parents will be pleased about her reappearance.

Extended Footage 2
The Sorceress is sure that King Randor and Queen Marlena will be pleased.

Alternate Footage 2
The final shot of the episode has "to be continued..." text over an image of Snake Mountain (shot fades to black).

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