The Secret of The Sword - The Director's Cut - 6

PP5 - Battle For Bright Moon

Alternate Footage 1
Act One starts off with a shot of the palace (shot fades from black).

Cut Footage 1
The Royal Family gathered for a meal listen to Adora's story about Madame Razz.

Cut Footage 2
The King and Queen laugh about Madame Razz's antics.

Cut Footage 3
Adora enquires as to who Orko is.

Cut Footage 4
Adam explains that Orko is currently on Trolla visiting his uncle.

Cut Footage 5
Adora looks forward to meeting Orko.

Cut Footage 6
King Randor warns Adora about Orko's magic spells.

Cut Footage 7
Cringer agrees that Adora should be careful around Orko.

Cut Footage 8
She-Ra approaches Trap Jaw and Tri-Klops.


Cut Footage 9
Teela wonders why all the heroes have assembled.

Cut Footage 10
He-Man agrees that they should all leave, as does She-Ra, leaving a confused Teela.


Extended Footage 1
Skeletor backs up Teela's confused comment.

Extended Footage 2
King Randor asks if Hordak's the cause for Adora's sudden departure.

Cut Footage 11
Adora agrees partially that Hordak is the cause.

Extended Footage 3
Queen Marlena states her strength of determination against Hordak.

Extended Footage 4
Adora tells the Sorceress that the last few days have been the happiest of her life.


Extended Footage 5
Glimmer and Angella wonder where He-Man and She-Ra are during the celebrations.

Cut Footage 12
He-Man is sad, but realizes that their destinies may keep them separate.

Extended Footage 6
She-Ra agrees with He-Man's theory.

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