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Here we have every shot of Loo-Kee hiding - Now let's see if you can find him!


When Filmation created the She-Ra series, instead of having individual characters deliver the morals, as had been the style of He-Man, they would have one character barely associated with the series deliver all the messages. Loo-Kee was this character that the audience were supposed to associate with, but the problem was that a fair portion of his morals did not actually match the episode's overall message. Loo-Kee hid 85 times in the She-Ra series, and then appeared at the very end to ask the audience if they had seen him during in the episode.

Loo-Kee also appeared at the very end of "Into the Dark Dimension," but stated that on this occasion the viewers were not going to play the usual game of finding him; instead he spoke about the dangers of drugs, which was nothing to do with the actual episode. And in "Loo-Kee Lends a Hand" because Loo-Kee was part of the episode, there was no game this time around, and he delivered a moral about being little. Even though the same situation of Loo-Kee actually being part of the episode applied to "Loo-Kee's Sweety," he still managed to play his hiding game. And in "Horde Prime Takes A Holiday" Loo-Kee is completely given the boot, in favor of He-Man, She-Ra and Orko who deliver a hard-hitting message segment about child molestation.

Some of the hiding places were surprisingly very tricky, "PP17 - A Loss for Words" and "PP27 - The Eldritch Mist," but others like "PP58 - Black Snow," "PP64 - Wild Child" and "PP92 - The Bibbet Story" were way too obvious!

Below is every shot of Loo-Kee hiding - Now let's see if you can find him!

Season 1 (65 Episodes) ©1985 Filmation Associates

PP1 - Into Etheria
PP2 - Beast Island
PP3 - She-Ra Unchained
PP4 - Reunions
PP5 - Battle For Bright Moon

(Loo-Kee does not hide or deliver the moral in the first five episodes)

PP6 - Duel at Devlan

PP7 - The Sea Hawk

PP8 - The Red Knight

PP9 - The Missing Ax

PP10 - The Prisoners of Beast Island

PP11 - The Peril of Whispering Woods

PP12 - The Laughing Dragon

PP13 - King Miro's Journey

PP14 - Friendship

PP15 - He Ain't Heavy

PP16 - Return of the Sea Hawk

PP17 - A Loss for Words

PP18 - Horde Prime Takes A Holiday
(Loo-Kee does not hide in this episode - He-Man, She-Ra and Orko deliver a message)

PP19 - Enchanted Castle

PP20 - Three Courageous Hearts

PP21 - The Stone in the Sword

PP22 - The Crystal Castle

PP23 - The Crown of Knowledge

PP24 - The Mines of Mondor

PP25 - Small Problems

PP26 - Book Burning

PP27 - The Eldritch Mist

PP28 - Bow's Farewell

PP29 - The Price of Freedom

PP30 - Play It Again, Bow

PP31 - The Reluctant Wizard

PP32 - Friends Are Where You Find Them

PP33 - A Talent for Trouble

PP34 - Troll's Dream

PP35 - Gateway to Trouble

PP36 - The Unicorn King

PP37 - The Anxious Apprentice

PP38 - Zoo Story

PP39 - Into the Dark Dimension
(Loo-Kee does hide in this episode, but does not show where)

PP40 - Treasure of the First Ones

PP41 - Glimmer's Story

PP42 - Enemy With My Face

PP43 - Welcome Back, Kowl

PP44 - The Rock People

PP45 - Huntara

PP46 - Micah of Bright Moon

PP47 - The Price of Power

PP48 - Birds of a Feather

PP49 - For Want of a Horse

PP50 - Just Like Me

PP51 - My Friend, My Enemy

PP52 - The Wizard

PP53 - Unexpected Ally

PP54 - The Light of the Crystal

PP55 - Loo-Kee Lends a Hand
(Loo-Kee does not hide in this episode, but still gives the moral)

PP56 - Of Shadows and Skulls

PP57 - Jungle Fever

PP58 - Black Snow

PP59 - Anchors Aloft Part I

PP60 - Anchors Aloft Part II

PP61 - Darksmoke and Fire

PP62 - Magicats

PP63 - Flowers for Hordak

PP64 - Wild Child

PP65 - The Greatest Magic

Season 2 (28 Episodes)©1986 Filmation Associates

PP66 - One To Count On

PP67 - Return Of The General

PP68 - Out Of The Cocoon

PP69 - A Lesson In Love

PP70 - Something Old, Something New

PP71 - Loo-Kee's Sweety

PP72 - The Pearl

PP73 - The Time Transformer

PP74 - Above It All

PP75 - Day Of The Flowers

PP76 - Brigis

PP77 - The Caregiver

PP78 - When Whispering Woods Last Bloomed

PP79 - Romeo And Glimmer

PP80 - The Perils Of Peekablue

PP81 - Just The Way You Are

PP82 - The Locket

PP83 - Shera Makes A Promise

PP84 - Bow's Magical Gift

PP85 - Sweet Bee's Home

PP86 - Glimmer Come Home

PP87 - The Inspector

PP88 - Portrait of Doom

PP89 - Hordak's Power Play

PP90 - Shades Of Orko

PP91 - Assault On The Hive

PP92 - The Bibbet Story

PP93 - Swifty's Baby

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