Evil Monster Vehicle!
Land Shark
Evil Warriors

This is Land Shark in box

Other Variations

Series: Masters of the Universe - The Original Series
Marketing Area: USA/International
Year: 1985
Production Country: France
Manufacturer: Mattel
Code: 7892
Wave: 4

Box Views
Land Shark in box
Land Shark in box


Hungry and on the hunt! Approx. 4'' high, x 10'' long. With 2 large cannons, an engine cover and a detachable seat. This evil monster/vehicle's menacing jaws swing open & snap shut! The faster it goes, the quicker it snaps! Jaws can open when a button below the control panel is pressed. Jaws hold one figure.

- detachable headrest/engine cover

Box Views
Land Shark - slightly different boxBox artLand Shark in box (Behind
Land Shark - slightly different boxBox artLand Shark in box (Behind
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