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Series: Masters of the Universe Classics
Marketing Area: USA/International
Year: 2012
Production Country:
Manufacturer: Mattel

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Evil Fire-Breathing Menace
MOTU 30th Anniversary Club Figure,
April 2012

Fire raining down from the skies? Oh yes, you know you’re in for something special! We’re heating up our celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Masters of the Universe with Draego-Man, a fierce flyer who fights for team evil! For our second of six all-new original figures, we turned to the Four Horsemen, who not only sculpted this blazing bad boy, but also designed him, adding the first dragon figure to the MOTUC lineup! This 6” highly detailed, fully articulated figure includes a sizable snap-on tail, huge wings and a flaming sword.


Real Name: (Renounced his given Dragonian name)

During the Great Wars, the Dragons of Darksmoke fought in many epic battles against King Grayskull and the Snake Men. A magical half human half dragon creation of the Great Black Wizard, Draego-Man was shunned by Granamyr and allied himself instead with the Free People of Eternia. After the Truce of the Three Towers, Draego-Man became so disgusted with the humans that he isolated himself from all civilization, living as an outcast in the Caverns of Rakash. After several millennia of bitter retreat, Draego-Man discovered Skeletor’s plans to enslave his dragon kin and use them as weapons against the Royal Palace. He returned from hiding to join Skeletor’s Evil Warriors seeking revenge against all who betrayed him. Draego-Man uses his flame breath and ability to manipulate fire to battle for the side of evil!

- Draego-Man comes in a standard Masters of the Universe Classics 6" blister card packaging and a white mailer box with the text "Kex" on the bottom.

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