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The Great Rebellion

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Series: Masters of the Universe Classics
Marketing Area: USA/International
Year: 2015
Production Country: China
Manufacturer: Mattel

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Front View


Angella – Angelic Winged Guide
Real Name: Angella The Third, Queen Regent of Brightmoon

Angella was the regent queen of one of Eternia's largest kingdoms. After Hordak invaded her planet, Bright Moon was overthrown and Angella and all her subjects were declared slaves of the Horde Empire. Believing in her heart that all people have the right to be free, Angella was the first monarch to openly fight back against the oppression of the Horde. Forming the Great Rebellion with other key leaders, she brought her people to the safety of the Whispering Woods. just outside of Hordak's evil influence. There they regrouped and formed an attack squad to wage war and once again free Eternia and all of its people. After Hordak abandoned Etheria, Angella stayed behind to help rebuild her kingdom and the beauty of the planet. Beautiful and helpful, Angella is lovely and very intuitive – she can sense when danger is near and has the ability to fly like an angel..

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Rear View
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