Masters of the Universe - The Original Series
Early Skeletor Prototype
Finished Toy

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Early prototype of Skeletor
Early prototype of Skeletor


Here we have an early hand-made prototype of Skeletor.

His look is somewhere in between his concept-drawing and the finished toy.

His body is not yet based on the finalized male mold for the toyline, but instead on the early wax-prototype of the early He-man that sported a helmet.

This results in his body having more realistic proportions and a less hunched back and crouched look.

His face has more flesh left on it ( sporting a strange grin almost) and his feet are bare, and human-looking, like in his concept-sketch. His staff is also looking a bit rushed, not quite finished in time. The shaft of the Havoc Staff is replaced by a simple bronze-rod.

Image courtesy of Matt Jozwiak & Mark Taylor

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