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Series: Princess of Power
Marketing Area: USA/International
Year: 1985
Production Country:
Manufacturer: Mattel
Wave: 1

Main Image



Parts & accessories:

x2 blue crystal doors

x2 Pink floors

x2 blue crystal guard rails

x2 blue crystal windows

Blue crystal chandelier

Gold flag pole (with paper flag sticker)

Purple fur rug

Aqua fireplace (with removable gold grate, and flame sticker)Canopy Bed (blue crystal bed, mattress, mattress cover, curtains, x2 gold butterfly curtain clips, and pillow)

Elevator Throne (Blue crystal throne, sticker for seat, blue crystal elevator floor, elevator shaft harness, a string, and golden key hook)

Aqua weapons rack

Aqua dresser (with mirror sticker)

Aqua table (with x2 table legs, and map of Etheria sticker)

x2 Aqua stools (each made of 2 parts; the shell body, and the legs piece)

Aqua treasure chest (base, lid, and blue crystal treasure)

x2 Gold clips (used to fasten playset together)

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