Jealous Beauty! Shower Squirter shoots a troublesome stream of water!
Shower Power Catra
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Series: Princess of Power
Marketing Area: USA/International
Year: 1987
Production Country:
Manufacturer: Mattel
Code: 3021
Wave: 3

Main Image


Figure has black hair and green eyes. She is dressed in a magenta body suit with silver spider design and red jewel. She also has a hole in her right shoulder, a long black tail, pink with black polka-dot leggings, silver boots and silver gloves.
Feature is that when you squeeze a pouch on her gun, it squirts water. Has a swivel head.

- silver cape and black choker with pink decal
- black skirt with silver belt and pink decal
- silver cloth cat mask with pink decals
- magenta water gun
- magenta cat sword
- silver cat-face shield
- silver comb.

Other Views
BackSideFront3/4 with Sword and Shield
BackSideFront3/4 with Sword and Shield
Close Up
Shiled, Water Blaster, Com and Sword
Shiled, Water Blaster, Com and Sword
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