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Series: He-Man
Marketing Area: USA/International
Year: 1992
Production Country:
Manufacturer: Mattel
Code: 5586
Wave: 4

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This is the third version of He-Man in the New Adventures line and the final version made until the Commemorative Series release in 2000.

The figure's "Thunder Punch" title, while an obvious homage to the vintage 1985 figure, is a reference to the bird-shaped accessory molded onto the figure’s right wrist. A child-sized Thunder Punch roleplay toy called the was released to coincide with the release of the figure.

Interestingly, the evil counterpart to the roleplay toy, the Terror Punch, was not released as a Skeletor figure. Instead, Thunder Punch He-Man was released opposite Battle Blade Skeletor.

- power sword
- deflector shield
- battle harness

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Shield and Sword
Shield and Sword
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