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Series: Masters of the Universe - Modern Series
Marketing Area:
Year: 2004
Production Country:
Manufacturer: Mattel
Wave: Exclusive


The "German Keldor" was offered exclusively in German branches of Toys 'r' Us from 30th June 2004 on until sell-out. It came in a clear plastic-bag which was only "sealed" with some scotch tape and included the entirely unchanged convention exclusive Keldor-figure of the previous year with all it's accessories.

At first the figure was handed out for free to anyone purchasing Masters of the Universe-products for 25 Euros or more. In most branches they only had unpopular products on the shelves and kept new product in the back to sell old items first.
Later Keldor was available for purchase itself for 25 Euros. Overstocks at some point went for 10 Euros and finally for 5 Euros per figure.

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