Man of Steel / Most Powerful Man in the Universe
DCUC vs MOTUC: Superman vs He-Man
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Series: Masters of the Universe Classics
Marketing Area: USA
Year: 2010
Production Country: China
Manufacturer: Mattel

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He-Man - Most Powerful Manin the Universe
Real Name: Adam of the House of Randor

Adirect descendent of the legendary King Grayskull, Prince Adam ofEternia was chosen to protect his ancestor’s Power Sword from evil.At first he used a techno vest with a built-in force field to fightevil, but Adam has since learned to combine both halves of the PowerSword, using it to channel the energy of the Elders and becomeHe-Man, the most powerful man in the universe! He guards the safetyof all Eternia along side the heroic Masters of the Universe.

Superman - Man OfSteel
Real Name: Clark Kent / Kal-El


Rocketed to Earth from thedoomed planet Krypton, the infant Kal-El was adopted by the kindlyKent Family of Smallville, Kansas. Young Clark Kent grew strong andpowerful under the rays of Earth's yellow sun, developing aphenomenal array of super powers. In adulthood, Clark would use theseabilities as Superman, championing the virtues of truth, justice andthe American way while keeping secret his true identity as a Reporterfor a great Metropolitan Newspaper.

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