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Series: Masters of the Universe Classics
Marketing Area: USA/International
Year: 2013
Production Country:
Manufacturer: Mattel
Code: BHG32

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Main Image
Main Image


Jitsu - Evil Master of Martial Arts
Real Name: Chopper

An intergalactic bandit, Jitsu was broken out of Prison Starr by Keldor during the Great Unrest. In gratitude, he agreed to serve the Evil Lord of Destruction and stayed with him even after Keldor's transformation into Skeletor. As a master of several forms of martial arts, Jitsu was often on the frontline in battle against Randor and his Masters. During the Battle for Gretori Bridge, he was wounded by his archenemy Fisto and had his hand replaced with a golden robotic implant by Tri-Klops. After Skeletor left Eternia for the stars, Jitsu took over Snake Mountain, ruling it with an iron fist. As deadly as he is silent, Jitsu uses his chopping power to get his evil way!

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Samari SwordBody Armor
Samari SwordBody Armor
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