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Series: Masters of the Universe Classics
Marketing Area: USA/International
Year: 2013
Production Country: Japan
Manufacturer: Mattel

Main Image
Main Image
Main Image


Karatti - Bone Bashing Mutant
Real Name: Stickel-Vat

Karatti has a head as hard as the rocks of the desert region of Denebria where he lives. Unfortunately for the other evil mutants he also posses as much brain power as one of the rocks. Although armed with a laser ax, it is the terrible bone-crushing karate blows that make him so fearsome. Fortunately for the Galactic Protectors, he is as cowardly as most of the other inhabitants of Denebria and will only attack those whom he knows to be weaker than himself. He gladly allied himself with Skeletor who offered promises of power and wealth to all who aided him in mutiny against the Horde. Karatti uses his combat moves to fight the Galactic Protectors.

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All Geared-Up
All Geared-Up
Space BladeSolar Axe
Space BladeSolar Axe
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