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Series: Masters of the Universe Classics
Marketing Area: USA/International
Year: 2014
Production Country: China
Manufacturer: Mattel

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Masters of the Universe Classics
Club Etheria Exclusive Figure 

Shipped only to subscribers of 2014 Club Etheria as a benefit of membership, Light Hope is not available for purchase.

It’s like catching lightning in a bottle! Thanks to the magic of the Four Horsemen, the enchanted spirit of the Crystal Castle has been sculpted into a fully articulated 6” figure. Light Hope, the mystical mentor to She-Ra, is cast in translucent plastic with a pink wash, and comes complete with removable armor and Crystal Castle Staff.

Light Hope
Real Name: Lord Ry’Gus Hope

In return for giving up his form, Lord Hope was blessed with great power by the Overlords of Trolla. He was tasked to bring relief to those trapped in the dark dimension of Despondos. Settling on the small planet of Etheria, he became known as Light Hope and turned the planet into a garden of good in an otherwise evil reality. Light Hope built a great fortress known as the Crystal Castle, offering it as a symbol to protect the magic of Etheria from the growing forces of Evil. It was also Light Hope who prophesied that one day the Sword of He would be wielded by the Twin Warriors of Destiny and they in turn would end the tyranny of the Horde Empire. To ensure this came to pass, the Overlords declared that the sword would be cloned so that each Twin could harness the Power equally. Light Hope infused the cloned sword with the Stone of Protection, becoming the sword’s guardian and safeguarding the secrets of its wielder – She Ra, the Princess of Power!

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