Courageous Silaxian Warrior
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Series: Masters of the Universe Classics
Marketing Area: USA/International
Year: 2015
Production Country: China
Manufacturer: Mattel
Code: CHF07

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Courageous Silaxian Warrior
Masters of the Universe Classics
Club Eternia Figure, March 2015

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A Silaxian with superior sword skills, this brave bounty hunter gets serious props as a formidable foe for She-Ra. Our tenacious tracker arrives with a tomahawk axe, twin laser swords, and a majestic mohawk that suits her fierce warrior style to a “T”.


Real Name: Tara

Hailing from Silax, a planet in Despondos known for its accomplished hunters and trackers, Huntara quickly rose in the ranks as a top of her class. Hearing of her great accomplishments, Hordak summoned the muscular, deep-voiced bounty hunter to assist him in tracking down and trapping She-Ra. Knowing the Silaxians pride themselves on their pure sense of good and evil, Hordak tricked Huntara into believing that She-Ra burned down an entire village in the name of the Rebellion. Willing to take on almost any job, Huntara offers her trapping and fighting skills for anyone willing to pay her high prices.

*Comes with Oo-Larr's axe.

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