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This is Red blood Mosquitor

Other Variations

Black blood mosquitor

Original Toy

Series: Masters of the Universe - The Original Series
Marketing Area: Argentina
Year: 1990
Production Country:
Manufacturer: Top Toys

Main Image
Front view
Front view


Mosquitor is quite different from the US release. Essentially, we can describe it as an unpainted version of the Mattel release. The torso, back and upper legs are black; the hands are dark brown; the shorts are completely grey and the boots are all silver. The blood mechanism is identical to the US version. This was one of the three last releases by Top Toys and it came on a generic Horde card with no name or description. There is much debate regarding the fact that a Man-e-faces weapon was packaged with it, because in some cases it was and in others it wasn't. This is another of the Top Toys' gems due to its rarity worldwide and the relatively few figures produced. Both packaged versions are pictured in the packaging section.
Other Views
3/4 view
3/4 view
Weapon: Man-e-faces’ gun.
Weapon: Man-e-faces' gun.
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