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Series: Masters of the Universe Classics
Marketing Area: USA/International
Year: 2017
Production Country: China

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Ultimate Teela, the Warrior Goddess, is a deluxe, 7” tall, highly articulated and fully posable action figure including a host of accessories and interchangeable parts. Each super detailed Ultimates Teela is sculpted by the Four Horsemen and comes packaged in a brand new blister package featuring new artwork inspired by the iconic vintage Masters of the Universe toys. 

Ultimate Teela includes:

  • Sword
  • Cobra Staff
  • Shield
  • Goddess Spear
  • Classics Head
  • Cobra Headdress
  • Helmet Head
  • Blonde Head
  • Battleground Teela Head

  • TEELA - WARRIOR GODDESS - A no-nonsense warrior trained by her adoptive father Man-At-Arms, Teela always pushed herself to be the most skilled and accomplished warrior in the Kingdom of Eternos. Knowing that she would always be judged against her father’s accomplishments, Teela never failed to rise to a challenge. When King Randor named her his Captain of the Guard and assigned her to train his own callow son Prince Adam, few in the kingdom mistook her achievements for nepotism. Teela never knew her mother until the day the Sorceress of Grayskull revealed the truth to her, that she was born by magic when the evil Skeletor defiled ancient arts to steal the Sorceress’s powers. When the Sorceress later suffered a fatal dose of King Hssss’ venom, she trained Teela in the ways of magic to act as her replacement, a role that Teela initially rejected until Adam shared his secret identity as the heroic He-Man. Whether armed with her sword, or the mystic Staff of Ka, Teela is a true heroic warrior goddess. 

    While her secret husband He-Man searched the cosmos for his missing sister She-Ra, Teela guarded Castle Grayskull as its Sorceress and raised their young son Prince Dare with the help of King Randor and Queen Marlena. Sensing that Dare might one day be called to protect Eternia as his father did, Teela used her Staff of Ka to summon the Goddess to help train the boy. Teela further formed a new Council of Elders including Orko, Master Sebrian, and other spell-casters to help protect Eternia from mystical threats such as the evil Enchantress and Shokoti. While Teela became Queen of Eternia when He-Man returned to inherit his father’s crown, her role as guardian seemed to come to a sudden end when the Unnamed One used his formidable power to destroy Castle Grayskull. However, Teela retained her powers as Grayskull’s magic could never be truly destroyed. Eventually she and her new Council of Elders were able to restore the Castle with the help of an unexpected ally: a resurrected Keldor!
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faux minicomic coverbio
faux minicomic coverbio
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