Heroic warrior goddess commands fighting falcon into battle!
Teela and Zoar
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Series: Masters of the Universe - The Original Series
Marketing Area: USA
Year: 1983
Production Country:
Manufacturer: Mattel
Code: 4717
Wave: Heroic 4

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Heroic warrior goddess commands fighting falcon into battle! 

An early giftset, this comes from the early era where Zoar was not the Sorceress and Teela is still depicted as the Warrior goddess. Released in 1983 just before the Filmation cartoon debuted. This gift set features unique box art. 

Features: Teela: twist waist and power punch action.
Zoar: Wings that flap with the squeeze of a trigger on the legs.

Accessories: Teela: Snake headdress, snake staff and shield.
Zoar: Snap-on bomb-pack and armor.

Mini-comics: None

Variants: None



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