WORRUCK (MOTU Origins Series)
Added On: June 21, 2013 12:50 am
Type: Hand Drawn
Community Series: MOTU Classic

An unused character developed for the 1987 MOTU Movie is the character "Worruck" ...who never got past the concept stage, but looking like a desert warrior meets an Egyptian mummy, was just too cool & I had to create some new art for him to be included in my "MOTU Origin Art Card" series! There is only one image of him from the vaults on He-Man.org so I used that as the basis, and tried to interpret that in what he might look like in an animated series. He is rather unique & colorful, and it was interesting to make that work within my art style. He seems to be of an evil nature so naturally I have him working with Skeletor as one of his alliances. In my "canon", Worruck rules the Eternian wasteland with his nomads and keeps Skeletor's enemies from crossing the hostile environment! He abides by Skeletor's rules and does not fuss with anything much outside of his realm, and not many would want to venture there anyway. He figures it keeps him in a good position with the possible future "Masters Of The Universe" while doing the bare minimum to stay in the Lord Of Destruction's graces. Just my fanboy thoughts on the character... LOL

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