Serpent Lair - the headquarters of the Snake Women
Added On: March 16, 2017 2:55 pm
Type: Hand Drawn
Community Series: POP

A part of the webcomic The Coming of the Towers, Serpent Lair is the headquarters of the Snake Women who invaded Etheria in the age known as Pretheria.

Located within a deadly swamp which extends for many squared miles, the Serpent Lair features:
- an ever burning altar
- a giant-sized cage hanging from a dead "World Tree"
- an entrance to the underground quarters and throne room
- a weapon repository
- a Serpos obelisk
- an arcway that leads to a magic hall, which Frillizara calls "Serpens Serpentorum"
- the "bone-yard" that houses the remains of the Snake Women's meals.

The known Snake Women so far are Queen Corala, Clawdia, Colonel Chamalee, Frillizara.

Serpent Lair is loosely based on the toy version of the Fright Zone, which was never featured in the PoP cartoon.
After the defeat of the Snake Women, during the catastrophic end of the Pretheria age, the location of Serpent Lair was lost to time.
It is possible that the current Fright Zone was built atop the ruins of Serpent Lair.

Art by Joe Teanby.

Discuss the comic and get the updates in the forum thread.

This saga is designed to develop through 3-pages-long "acts", each of them featuring different PoP/MotU characters as the plot develops, moving from the Fright Zone to Brightmoon Castle and back, until the three Towers of magic and science are finally gathered, and the face of Etheria is forever changed.

If you are an artist and a MotU fan who wants to join the project, send us a note!
We need both lineartists and color artists to work in parallel to the acts of the saga!

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