1:1 life size Spikor bust
Added On: September 14, 2012 9:33 am
Type: Misc.
Community Series: MOTU Classic
This is my motu life-sized 1:1 Spikor bust. He is latex rubber skinned with solid but lightweight polyurethane foam inside. Spikor hasnt had many versions at all so I mostly stayed to the classics but changed him to my liking. I didnt think he would, but to make his 1:1 details work, he worked out as a larger head than the human sized Trap Jaw, even without his spikes. Obviously I took liberty with slightly lengthening his teeth and making his eyes pupiless. I stuffed up with using recycled paper for the paper mold lining for some of his spikes, so the print came through! Ill go back and fix him one of these days.
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