Zargon Full
Added On: September 27, 2012 3:58 pm
Type: Digital Art
Community Series: MOTU Modern

Zargon – Evil Master of Mazes                       
Name: Marzo Kalif

Just before He-Man and She-Ra left Eternia to travel to the Tri-Solar System to end the oppression of the Horde Empire, the pair destroyed Count Marzo’s amulet and with it his power. Vowing vengeance on the heroes he began studying the dark arts in earnest living in solitude in the mountains of the Dark Hemisphere. Changing his name to Zargon, he became an all-powerful wizard bent on punishing heroes. Allying himself with the orcs, goblins, and other such creatures with the intention of using them as his armies, Zargon built himself an ever-changing labyrinth with which he would capture heroes and pit them against his minions. Since most of the heroes of Eternia left with He-Man and She-Ra, Zargon’s first victim was his old “adversary,” Mekaneck.

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