NA She-Ra Design
Added On: September 23, 2013 10:19 am
Type: Hand Drawn
Community Series: He-Man (The New Adventures)

Hi guys, instead of tidying up my study as planned (it looks like a shanty town exploded in here) I ended up colouring a sketch of NA She-Ra I did a while back. This is hand drawn then coloured using Photoshop. I hope you like.

I always thought the green of NA He-Man's Sword and shield represented the Power of Grayskull transported across space, so I wanted to keep the same look for She-Ra sword with the added gemstone. After all, they had matching swords in the Filmation toon. I also used this green energy for her headdress wings and added a visor to make it more space-age and also as a nod to the vintage toy's eye mask. 

The outfit is supposed to be a mixture of a body hugging spacesuit with in built cybernetics, Knight and Gladiator armour. Her right arm being more covered was just a design choice and reminiscent of Man-at-Arms.

I added the gem stones present on She-ra original outfit as I felt they would either have magical or symbolic importance to her. 

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