Chris Faccone MOTU artwork
Added On: September 1, 2010 4:29 am
Type: Hand Drawn
Community Series: MOTU Classic
Gygor-Evil Fighting GorillaReal Name: GygorShortly after the Great Unrest, Keldor was driven behind the Mystic Wall and Gygor, Lord of the Vine Jungle, lead an army of beast men in a series of raids against the long forgotten Castle Grayskull, believing the many tales of its great and mysterious power. It was only through the combined powers of Oo-Larr- the jungle He-Man and The Goddess that Gygor was defeated and placed in a state of suspended animation. Eventually, Hordak returned to Eternia and the savage gorilla was freed by Evil-Lyn in her attempt to bolster Skeletor's forces against the new Horde army. Gygor uses his great strength to fight the Heroic Warriors.
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