Imp Sinestro Corps
Added On: February 7, 2019 1:20 am
Type: Digital Art
Community Series: POP
NOT MINE.A commission I got from the talented Berty-J-A over at DeviantArt. I figured since the Master of the Universe is technically a part of the DC Universe, Etheria and Eternia would probably be subject to getting picked over by the various DC Lantern Corps. Of course, wouldn't you know it, little Imp is the first one to pick himself up a ring, and is naturally quite happy at the thought of all the mischief he'll be able to make with such a toy. Unfortunately, for him at least, the Sinestro Corps seems to have standards beyond just being able to cause fear... as does the other Corps as well.Ah well, he didn't want to wear their dorky suits anyway.
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