Golden Rod
Added On: September 19, 2016 5:31 am
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics
GoldenRod- Ok so a little bit about this guy before i get into his reciepe. GoldenRod is a character seen fighting in the 2nd UBG. His name appeared on the CG Box art vote, and after alot of prodding and investigating, we finally got some answers from Mattel. He was Snakemen robot, presumably built by Snake Man at arms. From the picture the only thing we could see about him is he has a roboto like head and fearless photog buck. from a Q and A with Mattel, we learned he would have had magnetic powers, Therefore when designing him i took the liberty of trying to include that into the design. I used a Kevin Kosse 200x Roboto head repainted and snake tongue added, Fearless photog buck, with IG Skeletor legs and Arms, and a snakeface Loin. The Feet come from Horde Prime and the weapon is a modded Syclone Ring and repainted Slushhead laser axe. I added a snakeman symbol to his belt as well from my shapeways shop.
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