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Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics
Carnivore- A little bit about him and why I decided to make him. When Axel and TG spoke about the 3rd Ultimate battleground, they said youll notice a huge empty spot missing in the top right hand corner,in a conversation with fans they spoke about the fact that there were characters in the script that never made it into the final double page spread including Catra, Prahvus, Camo Khan, Ambrosia Webstor, and Carnivore, a character that came from the bootleg MOTU Line Fuerza -T, he was essentially a Stratos figure with Webstor head and magenta mace. Axel included both Carnivore and Camo Khan in this double page spread as a homage to these figures coming from his native country Argentina, so Carnivore in my eyes is officially part of MOTU Continuity. Now looking at webstors bioOne of the last remaining members of an ancient Eternian race of Spider Warriors called the Arachna, Webstor™ was awoken from hibernation beneath Snake Mountain and occasionally allies himself with Skeletor®. In ancient times, the Arachna were an advanced dominant race until driven underground by the Snake Men™. Araneus retains much of the knowledge of his people and while seemingly savage, is an expert mathematician and strategist as well as an accomplished escape artist. He often arms himself with a grappling hook Fast Pack and uses his climbing power to escape capture!I imagined Carnivore as one of these last remaining members of the Arachana and thought Id give a shot at giving him a bioCarnivore- Evil Avion Devouring Archana warriorReal Name: Spenthro GangewifreWhen King Hss and his army had decimated the Arachna for dominace of eternia 300 years before the birth of King Grayskull, the few remaining Arachna made a pact to disperse to the far corners of Eternia, in order to escape the purge of the snakemen and preserve their ancient culture. Gifted with extremely long lifespans, The snakemen thought that by consuming them this life span could be bestowed upon them, leaving no Arachna safe. Spenthro fled to the Mystic Mountains, where he he found the where the ancient city of Aviopolis had finally came to rest, with its Bird people, Ancient relatives of the bird people of Modern Eternia, living in quiet harmony agmongst themselves thanks to the evergiving life emanating from the Egg of Avion. Spenthro, nested outside of cities outskirts and began a reign of terror upon its peaceful, non violent citizens. In his Nocturnal raids, he snuck into the windows of Avionion children, dragging them helplessly into the night back to is lair and where he consumed whole. As fear spread amongst the citizens, they began to patrol their streets for signs of the culprit, but Spenthro grew more cunning as he observed what pacifists the bird people were, attacking and cosuming them as well. The Avionions dubbed the culprit Carnivore, as he left no trace of his victims. The leader of the Avionions finally convinced his people to take up arms and search the outskirts of their great city, but this made the pickings easier for Spenthro, until he had nearly wiped out nearly a third of the population. In a desperate gamble to save the remaining population, the Avionion leader abandoned their fair city to live in the trees with their allys, the Ape clan of the Vine jungle, fearing his people might be wiped out from this menace. But with the threat of the Snakemen army now the dominate force on Eternia, the Avion Leader would not risk the Egg of Avoin of falling into their hands, so he entombed it in a hidden vault and placed a spell on it , allowing it to emerge only when the Avions have come back to reclaim their home. With Avion now abandoned, Spenthro combed the city for victims, but to no avail. He took residence in the great temple, near the hidden vault, where he went into hibernation. He was finally awoken when Stratos and Hawke finally found the the lost city of Avion, but he had undergone a Metamorphosis in his slumber, growing wings from his forearms. The victims he consumed as well as the weak radiance of the entombed egg of avion were responsible for his transformation. He watched as Avion was repopulated with descendents of the Ancient Bird people, but having intermixed with the Ape clan, they had changed as well. And they were not the docile people he had once so easily conquered, these were people fighting for a cause, for their very existance. Spenthro, now calling himself Carnivore, in this new decided instead to seek out his other Archna brothern to see how they have faired from their hibernations, and reclaim their place as the dominant species on Eternia. He stole one of the modified jet packs the Avions used to soar thru the skies and started his quest to reunite the Arachna Warriors.Wheww, longer then i thought i would be. Took elements of the bio from the story of Stratos people from the 200x comic series, webstor, and king hss bios, and locations from the preternia, and eternia maps, as well a pic from a comic i saw of the bird people living in trees( dont remember which one it was) Anyway onto the customs itselfRecipe: I didnt want to do a straight up repaint of webstor on a stratos body so Kevin kosse made a really cool Archana Warrior head so i used that head on a carnivus body with snake face feet. I found some cool tendrils from a fodder bin(assume they were from a venom Figure) and repainted Stratos wings and jet pack and screwed the tendrils into the jetpack. Let me know what you think
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