Added On: December 6, 2016 3:35 am
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics
Skeleteen(WIP)- Recipe: I used a Batros buck as a base, used his arms(minus the bicep) and the upper part of his legs. Then i got a pair Gene Simmons Kiss boots from his mcfarlene action figure, and skeletors loincloth. Next I took batros armor, removed the bat symbol, then took a Skeletor chest symbol, cut off the colored dot and added a skull belt symbol i got from Mike McEvils. Added a couple of spikes i have collected from various projects to the batros armor, then got a Keldor chest plate and added that to his loincloth.The other parts come from the WWE Sets that came out last year, i forgot which ones, but the trench coat, 2 shoulder pads, and wrist spikes as well as the head i used, whoever the guy with the green mohawk is. I modified the shoulder pads by using bits of plastic that i glued underneath the pad so that it could stay in place when tucked under the shoulders of the trench coat. His Head was preatty easy, i got a Skeleton face plate from and cut enough of the green mohawk guys face away so that when i replaced with skeleton faceplate, it looked like a mask. I used rubberbands to keep the mask in place while put some epoxie in there and set it over night. Finally the accessories both come from Mike Mcevils shapeways shop. The Havoc Staff is the one from the 1987 movie, which reminds me of a upgraded version of skeletors, like Skeleteen added that artifact to make it more powerful. The sword is a combo of Keldors twin blades and skeletors clone of the power sword, merged into one, a cool way of paying homage to both keldor and Skeletor. Still figuring out the knee pads and want to give him a sword holster. Let me know what you think
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