Added On: January 10, 2017 10:40 pm
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics
Ennael-Named after the sword stratos now carry's into battle , I thought I'd name him after some ancient Avion to give significance to the name, sas Gaz and Saz were. Recipe: I used a beakor head from Eternal customs shapeways store, stratos everything, from the knee down and loin. I used a nepthu loin and and glued some extra feathers i had and used chief chief carnivus parts from the knee down. The wings come from a WWE sett and i cutout the middle and put the middle part of SMS chest symbol for the bird emblem This character was inspired by the 8th comic of the 2002 mvc series that tells the origin story of Stratos. The story goes that after the tycons destoryed the avionions who lived in the treetops, stratos set out to find the ancient city of avion, hidden somewhere in the mystic mtns. There he and hawk, are confronted by this ancient guardian, an Ancient Avion, as he tests them to see if they are worthy. When he finds out they are he gives them the Egg off Avion, a treasure that allows fertility to flourish in anything within its vicinity. I see this as the Avionion ally of King Grayskull. I gave him this sword because in so many instistances, i have seen Stratos fighting with a sword and always thought he needed a weapon, thought it would be a cool way to mergs the two existances together. Didnt figure out a name yet, if you got any ideas let me know. Only thing i didnt finish is a bird emblem for his belt buckle.
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