Added On: January 31, 2017 7:03 am
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classic
Brainwave- Recipe: Websstor buck, with bracer arms, Flipshot Loin, Eldor legs, and snout spout boots. I made the neck piece by cutting out the neck portion from count marzo cape and adding a rubber gromet to the bottom portion. The head came from Karak Nul (think he came from a marvel figure). The gem is actually 2 gems, one with the blast effect and one without. I accomplished it by flattening out the back of a thumb tack and gluing it to the back. The one with the blast effect I just drilled and glued into place ( found it in a fodder lot). I drilled a small hole in his head and can switch him out as i please. The lightning bolts come from a spare SMS chest emblem, one which i placed on the chest and and one on the shield. Kept them in place with Bondic. The shield is a repainted SLL Shield. The other two are both from fodder boxs, one is a Lighting Rod/ Lightning Sword i created and the other is fighting stick shaped like a Lightning Bolt
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