Added On: February 3, 2017 6:10 pm
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics
Satma- This was one of my favorites to do, for those of you that dont know who he is heres a little back story, He comes from the german audio plays (same as anti eternia heman) and he is supposed to resemble skeletor except with horns, live in a castle similar to grayskull except with horns, and has a cast of followers that are as gruesome as him. He is in possesions of a powerful sword called the Icebird, which is shown on the cover to wielded none other then... Dragstor on top of Nightstalker. I love using past media to help bridge the gap where no visuals are included and found this guy in the background pic of Torak, one of the first concepts of He-man. He fits the bill perfectly. Let me know what you think. Recipe: I took a casted graykull elevator head from karak nul, the got the WWE Gladiator set, and used the helmet and armor, used a HH Buck, with Snake face forearms, and a mix of snake face boot tops with black boot bottoms. Used a Snake armor heman loin and the demon head belt pendent came from a necklace i had as a teenager. Horns come from Plastic Curves. His weapons, i actually have 3, one comes from DJ Weapons Forge, while the other one i made out of a supernaturals lion heart sword and a carnivus handle. The Trident is based on the drawing i used to for Satma, which I designed for Shapeways.
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