Negative Heman
Added On: May 5, 2017 4:37 pm
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics
Negative he-man: Now i alittle explantion of who this character before i post, first off he is not anti-eternia heman, although from what i understand he is the basis for this character. I will give you the translation from a friend of mine from the Germany - Interpart-Condor Verlag - Masters of the Universe (1984-1986) from which he came from. "Desription of the one story he appears in In a nutshell, due to the dimensions shifting, Castle Grayskull's powers are "going crazy". They are pretty much drained from the castle and causing chaos on Eternia, such as Teela meeting herself both as a baby and old woman at the same time. He-Man also gets weaker minute by minute, while the now negative energies are creating an evil He-Man. The heroes ultimately reach a dimensional gate, encountering an icy version of Castle Grayskull, along with a gigantic Negative He-Man who claims to be even more evil than Skeletor. With his last bit of strength, He-Man manages to ram his sword into Negative He-Man's leg. This somehow causes the energies to turn positive again, going back into Grayskull and He-Man, while the Negative He-Man is destroyed. Recipe: It was a simple heman repaint, but i did use a model magic color called shadow tint flesh tone, which i think looks super awesome on this guy. I also used snake man at arms Boots two of them , just had to get one left boot from seahawk so he didnt have 2 right feet . I also used an oolar head to give him that angerier look. The sword is from plastic curves a lightning blade from filmation skelator, although i still need a heman harness, if any anyone has a extra to help me finish this figure off. With all these different Heman dopplegangers (Faker, anti eternia heman, Heslave, Cruncher, Negative heman) I could see faker leading a faction of these guys as his own mini army within skeletors own larger army.
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