Major Header
Added On: May 13, 2017 5:16 pm
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics
Major Header- Recipe: Allright this guy was a little involved. Took a Manefaces buck and had to remove the shoulders with a heat gun, That was a pain in the neck and dislike you doing it but it had to be done. From there I took a Demoman mace head and a face i removed from a WWE character whose head i used for my Skeleteen custom and had the very talented ryan lunt create a head for me, which looks amazing. added spikes in the as well as what existed. From there had to hollow out for the botoom of the head put the head hex from the spindle of Manefaces so it would stay on the base. The rest of the parts were regular males and loin, the only thing different is i used oolar forearms and manefaces hands. Now all the other spikes i got on him are from the mutant leader and the spiked elbow pads are from demoman. The rest of the stuff is all from fodder lots. i got a flexible chain as well as one to mount onto a chain weapon like a mace which is more rigid.finally i mounted some pike onto his hand as sort of a built in spiked knucklesLet me know what you think
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