GoreTusk (Horde Mammoth)
Added On: August 3, 2017 4:35 am
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics
GoreTusk "Horde Mammoth"- this was first time going for a bigger guy, and i knew right from the start i wanted to use a gygor buck rather then a standard size figure buck like stratos, cause well this guy is a mammoth, and mammoths are huge animals. I did stray from the concept art, partially because of the size, and partially because i felt like i found the right parts that would really work for creating this guy in this scale. And i cant go on without a big shout out to Ryan Lunt for helping me put this guy together and his impeccable sculpting abilities. Anyway onto the Recipe: The Main body come from Gygor as well as the arms and the legs. The hands and feet as well as all the little embellishments such as the bones and straps, loincloth, and tail are all from the Mcfarlene Poacher figure transplanted over thx to ryan. The Head come a imaginext mammoth figure that ryan transplanted over the gygor head, and i added the upper ears from the scales of a dollar store stegosaurus. Added the Blood of a blood God to the ends of his tusks to truley make him GoreTusk. The armor is Gygor's but i removed the cape, added to tusks from a dollar store elephant, to hold his Horde crossbow, also used a horde trooper sheild as his emblem,suing the invisible rubber bands we get with our MOTUC figures to hold it in place. The Spear weapon came with the Poacher figure and i added the horn on the botttom from a McFarlene DOJO. The Horde crossbow is a mix of fodder parts that i came across, a large spear gun, mammoth skull and deconstucted horde crossbow that i constructed using green stuff. i drilled a small hole in his left hand and put a small nail in his hand to have him hold it better. The last weapon is actually in his belt, a large knife that came from some large GI Joe figure. It has the same nail in it as well. Let me know what you think
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