Added On: October 12, 2017 7:04 pm
Type: Custom Figure
Community Series: MOTU Classics
Galadria- Recipe: used a captain Marlena head that i removed the hair, made her bald. Used an Adora buck , cut her jumpsuit at the belt then attached the snakeskin pelt from a battle armor king hiss loin and below that used a leglos skirt from LOTR. The top breastplate looking thing was a piece of plastic i had, and combined with greenstuff, used it to make as even as possible. Used a marlena legs, repainted and battleground teela boots. For weapons i used PD teela sword( place holder although, in using Gbabok it make sense as she created but the elite guard to protect grayskull, and teela sword represents the sword of the female palace guards) but will make a sword in shapeways closer to the sword, hilt and bottom shown in the "powers of Grayskull" episode, although the blade is not very well shown. Shield is a early mini comics shield of teela made by Mike McEvils. Elders pendent made by me in shapeways, although might change it out for male one i have as its closer to concept drawing, just was trying to be consistent with males having one kind, females another. One thing im not liking is the thickness of her waist where the snake skin meets the leotard might have to shave some of the inside away to thin it out , any other suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Honestly not some of my best work, but a WIP.
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